Cooling Towers require effective chemical treatment, accurate monitoring, and control.

Chemie Water’s field engineers provide the highest level of cooling water expertise available. We provide a full line of cooling water treatment chemicals, testing, and control equipment. Chemie Water specialists are able to provide guidance and recommendations for closed loop water systems or open recirculating water cooling towers that maximize system reliability at an economical cost.

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Our treatment program starts with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements, and metallurgy in your industrial cooling system. This allows to determine the tendency to corrode, scale, foul, or a combination of all. Our chemical treatment programs are effectively used to reduce and prevent these issues in industrial cooling water systems.

At Chemie Water, we expertly applies our products to keep your system running at peak efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce water usage, and protect the environment. We also offer state-of-the-art control and monitoring technology to increase reliability and decrease operating costs.


MAXIGARD corrosion inhibitor is a nitrite-based, liquid, multi-functional treatment designed to prevent corrossion and mineral scale in recirculating cooling water systems for engines

MAXIGARD is an approved product by well renowned engines’ manufacturers 

Did you know?

Poor control can put your cooling process at risk but also squander millions of rupees in wasted energy, chemicals and water lose!

Our customized programs for cooling water treatment are designed to control  mineral deposits, corrosion and bio-film growth.

Our Products, Solutions & Applications




Polymer based scale/corrosion inhibitors and dispersants


Deposit control dispersant for coolling towers 


Microbioside series fits with industrial cooling tower


Fermentation best product for Ethanol Industries