Boiler systems require effective chemical treatment, accurate monitoring and control.

Chemie Water’s field engineers provide the highest level of boiler expertise. CWT provides a full line of boiler water treatment chemicals, testing, and control equipment. CWT’s specialists can provide guidance and recommendations for high-pressure steam boilers or hot water boilers that maximize system reliability at an economical cost.

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Chemie Water inspects every phase of your boiler operation, including feed water quality, boiler internals, fireside conditions, condensate return, chemical feed, control and monitoring equipment, and blowdown control systems. Our programs increase system efficiency, decrease plant downtime and maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.

A boiler water treatment program’s primary function is to keep heat transfer surfaces (steam-generating and associated tubes) free from scale and deposition. The second function is to inhibit corrosion. Boiler deposits are problematic because they typically contain undesirable levels of metal oxides, mineral scale, sludge, or various combinations. Corrosion generally occurs because of excessive levels of dissolved oxygen, but can also develop under tube deposits. Deposits and corrosion can lead to boiler tube failures that result in costly repairs and downtime.

Did you know?

When water is converted to steam it expands in volume over 1,000 times and travels into steam pipe at over 100 kilometers/hour. Bioler and pipe react with steam and can crate scale, sludge builup!

Acheiving maximum heat transfer by making system safe is integral part of any industry!

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