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Our technology partner leads theway in providing sustainable alternatives for waste water treatment through environmentalfriendly solutions CWT differentiates himself from other company through superior product performance, field services, application technology, research and development.
We offer Anionic Polyelectrolyte, Cationic Polyelectrolyte, non-ionic polyelectrolyte and a complete range of Anionic flocculants, cationic flocculants, non-ionic flocculants, cationic coagulant and color removal products.

Waste Water Treatment

Our waste-water solutions encompass wide range of specialty coagulants, flocculants and sludge conditioners along with other waste management specialty products including de foamers, odor control products, enzymes and bacteria cultures.

Did you know?

Our waste water solutions have proven superior in dewatering solids, increasing throughput and reducing sludge volume. All wastewater and waste management solutions meet or exceed existing standards for wastewater and process water treatment.

Colloid and silt fouling are the major causes of loss in performance of membrane separation systems. For this reason, many system designs include upstream multimedia filtration which involves a variety of mechanisms to achieve particle removal.Chemie Water Technologies formulates a variety of liquid coagulant/flocculants chemicals under Floctreat 8000 series.